Big Bash League Fans Beer Map

big-bash-beer-map (1).jpg

We were curious to find out what the fans of each Big Bash League team drink in their hometowns…

Perth Scorchers – Gage Roads

Donald Trump wishes he could get his face as orange as ours #GETSCORCHED... No one gets as fired up as us sandgropers when we’re roasting in the Furnace but a new stadium demanded a new favourite beer. Fare thee well beloved Bush Chook. Learn more about Gage Roads.

Sydney Sixers – Tooheys

Toohey's is Sydney's classic choice for any match of cricket. We all remember that creepy ad where a dude’s tongue goes on a crazy adventure through town to the soundtrack of Satisfaction...  Infamous sledgers, Sixers fans love getting around their state's all time favourite brewery and have no qualms about showing off their filthy tongues during a match.


Toohey Extra Dry tongue ad.


Sydney Thunder – 4 Pines

But Sydney’s tastes aren't solely reserved for classic Aussie beers… Thunders fans on the other hand, are passionate supporters of a growing local craft scene. They support local with what they drink and choose to get around one of NSW’s fastest expanding craft breweries - 4 Pines.

Brisbane Heat – XXXX

The GABBAtoir can be a dangerous place to venture when not holding a can of good old ‘Fourex’ to keep things chill. Thank God because those Brissy crowds have been known to be a little bit feral and we all know the reason it’s called XXXX is because Queenslanders can’t spell ‘beer’.

Melbourne Stars – Mountain Goat

I don’t blame Stars fans for loving to drink and support an absolute star of a brewery. With a recent award for Melbourne’s best beer in their Pale Ale, local Richmond brewers Mountain Goat's headquarters are located just a stone’s throw down the road from the Stars' home ground at the MCG. Check out more on Mountain Goat.

Melbourne Renegades –Vic Bitter

As their name suggests, these BBL fans love going against the grain... Trendy Melbourne craft scene? Never heard of it... The Renegades love a good old fashioned Hand Grenade as their go-to-beer. Don’t waste your breath trying to explain how it’s not really a bitter beer though. They’re too busy screaming about being in last place to listen.

Adelaide Strikers – Pirate Life

The Strikers' fan base seemed pretty chuffed about stealing victory and winning the series over the weekend. These are BBL fans who seem to have gotten lost migrating between the east and west coasts of Australia where anything of interest can be found. To be honest, it's hard to imagine them drinking anything but Pirate Life. I'd pretend to be a swashbuckler too in a town that boring. 

Hobart Hurricanes - James Boag’s

Last time we checked, there ain’t no Hurricanes making it as far south as Tassy but better luck next year... These people are loyalists to anything Tasmanian.  You got to stick together when the rest of the country won't stop sledging you for having tails and webbed feet.