Pressie List - Budget Friendly

Lets face it - Xmas is expensive.

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Embrace your inner tightass and get round these totally budget friendly gift ideas.

Deep Woods Harmony Rose

Deep Woods Harmony Rose: 2 for $25

Yep - not kidding. This is epic value, made by the #princeofpink (Julian Langworthy) himself. The best part about this particular deal? Two birds with only one rose… and rose is so hot right now.


Jean Pierre Sparkling Brut NV: $5.99

Again - not a drill. Looks French. Dress it up with a ribbon - despite it’s sub-Passionpop pricing, this is seriously good booze for the money… don’t believe us? Try it. It’s about the same cost as a large coffee.

Gordon's Pink

Gordon’s Pink Gin: $42.99

Load up a glass with ice, 30mls of Gordon’s Pink, followed by a dash of soda, and a few fresh strawberries. Yas. This is for the sweet-tooth in your life who likes to share (we hope).


James Squire cartons: $49.99

You know what this looks like to us? Four presents: Three 6pks for your mates, and one for you.


Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky: $35.99

A big thank you to the friend who knows you well, and likes you anyway.

…we feel you…

…we feel you…