Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.'s Dr Weedy's Hemp Ale

Dr Weedy.jpg

We’ve been noticing a lot of heat around the legendary beers coming from down south in Busso at Rocky Ridge Brewery. In our experience, usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire...

Dr Weedy’s Hemp Ale is a quirky yet deliciously toasty brown ale, released at the end of 2017 and made officially available to the public for the first time at the Fremantle Beer Festival on November 12 last year. The beer’s launch shared the same date as Federal legislation passed to legalise human consumption of hemp in food and drink products.


Dr Weedy’s is a trail-blazing collaborative project between Rocky Ridge brewing Co. and Vasse Valley Hemp Farm, to create WA’s first ever beer brewed using hemp. The brewery’s founder Hamish Coates said he was blown away by how much flavour the hemp seeds added. According to him, the brewery had been experimenting for some time and have developed an amazing product by roasting the seeds in just the right way to bring out their full flavour. "Chris and Bron approached me with their product and after one sniff I knew it had that wow factor I've been looking for," said Hamish.
"I thought long and hard about what type of beer would suit it and decided on a hemp seed brown ale.”


The beer’s head pours deliciously creamy and thick, but disappears faster than a bag of Twisties. This is a decadent brown ale with strong caramel notes balanced nicely with an added nuttiness factor from the hemp. This beer also has a rather intoxicating aroma that might just make you a little hungry for a snack. A great entry level beer if you’re looking to explore a darker variety of beer and the stronger flavours they bring to the table.

Rocky Ridge has fast developed a solid local reputation for some weird and wonderful brewing alchemy, coming up with a number of other unconventional blends like their lacto-infused Sour Buffalo Coffee Stout which was also received warmly by the community.

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