Women in WA Liquor: Aymee Monk - Colonial Brewing Co.

Aymee Monk getting her brew on at Colonial Brewing Co. in Margs.

Aymee Monk getting her brew on at Colonial Brewing Co. in Margs.


“At the end of the day, the job is what it is and your ability to do it has nothing to do with how you wee.”

All week we’ve been featuring inspiring women in our local liquor industry in recognition of International Women’s Day. We’d like to introduce you to Aymee Monk, brewer at Colonial Brewing Co.

Aymee started her brewing career working at Settlers Tavern in Margaret River for a summer before working behind Colonial’s bar as duty manager. She found “serving punters across the bar is a bit different to the behind scenes action of a brewery.” Back at Colonial, she jumped at any opportunity to work with the brew team starting out glueing boxes and getting on their can line. Aymee has been brewing full time with Colonial for over six months now and is loving every second of it.

Originally from a small town in New Zealand called Kawerau, Aymee studied hard and completed a Bachelor of Science.  She made the move to the liquor industry after working in logistics and never looked back. She’s always loved beer and told us making it as well was just an added perk. “It’s a great feeling to know you and your friends can enjoy something you’ve made.”

Aymee said she wasn’t really aware of the fact she was working in such a male-dominated industry. “At the risk of sounding ignorant, I don’t often notice,” she said. “At the end of the day, the job is what it is and your ability to do it has nothing to do with how you wee.” Aymee wants to urge any women considering any career to follow their passions and never let their gender hold them back. "Like I said earlier, I hardly notice I’m a woman within a male-dominated industry, if you’re prepared to do the work and are passionate about what you’re doing then nothing should stop you achieving what you want.”


The Pink Boots Society is an international women’s brewing collective who teach and share their skills with one another to help advance women’s careers in the beer industry. They also raise money to offer women beer industry scholarships. The group describe themselves as the “Female movers and shakers in the beer industry” and the Society was created “to assist, inspire and encourage women beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education.” Their members own breweries, package the beer, design beer, serve beer, write about beer and cover just about every relatable facet of the beer world.


The Pink Boots Society hosts an event each year called Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day in recognition of International Women’s Day. The Brew Day is undertaken by Pink Boots chapters from around the world along with supporting breweries and individuals to create their own interpretation of the years’ Collaboration Brew Day theme, which this year is to freestyle a brew using YCH HOPS, a special blend created just for the Pink Boots Society.

Aymee, along with the Society’s Perth chapter will be brewing up a tasty new brew over at Little Creatures to be sold in a few weeks’ time. She told us she’s pretty excited to take part in the Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day. “When I heard about the event at Little Creatures I was pretty keen to get involved. When we read the profile of the hop blend, it sounded like a tropical fruit salad and so, inspired by seasonality and with fresh peaches in abundance, we decided to build a beer around peaches and try our hand at a beer reminiscent of peach iced tea,” said Aymee.

Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does has always existed. “I’ve always been a really driven and focused person.” Aymee also told us her time in the industry had forced her to rethink her own goals. “Knowing that I’m one of few women making beer in WA is definitely a nice little extra push to do well.”

If you’d like to keep up with Aymee’s latest brew at Colonial Brewing Co. or find out more about the Pink Boots Society check out their socials below.