Hey Hey - It's Mother's Day



Your beautiful mum spent 9 months off the wines while she was growing you.  Now  it is time to return the favour and gift her something to help her forget about the lonely nights she spent on the couch watching Hey Hey It’s Saturday, while her friends were drinking wine at the local pub.              

Our Top 5 Mother’s Day gift suggestions:



1.      Bubbles – what mumma doesn’t like a glass of fizz. 

Pommery Brut Royale NV $54.99

Chandon Brut & Rose NV $19.99

Dunes & Green Brut NV 2 for $25



2.      Gin – Gins so good, she’ll want to hold the tonic

Hendricks $69.99 (hint – you might like to include with the present some high-brow tonic water, a fresh cucumber, some roses, and a set of lowball glasses…)

Bombay Sapphire $42.99



3.      Whisk(e)y (make it good)

Glenmorangie $64.99



4.      Rose – French (or French in style), dry, spicy, delicious.

Le Baron Rose ‘Les Allumees’ $16.99

Lavendette Rose $14.99



5.      Chardonnay – WA please(!)

Howard Park Flint Rock Chardonnay $19.99