International Burger Day - What to drink while you smash a burger

International Burger Day.  Yep it’s a thing.  In fact, it’s just another marketing day made up on the calendar to pointlessly celebrate something that isn’t really real.  But let’s run with it.  Burgers are fun, and what is ‘real’ anyway? Here's our list of burgers to get take away (or delivered) + drink pair so you can smash a burger and let the good times roll on International Burger Day.


The Humble Cheese Burger:

Let’s assume a couple of things here - toasted brioche bun, wagyu patty, mustard, pickle, tomato sauce, cheese.  I’m already salivating.  Basically all great things have to start somewhere: in the pizza world it is with a margarita, in the coffee world it’s a flat white, and for burgers - we’re talking the CLASSIC CHEESIE.  If a joint doesn’t get this right, be concerned for the higher-ups… s’all we’re saying.   

BEER: IPA.  You want something with body and punch, but not overblown.  Also the pickles and the hop bitterness play a surprisingly harmonious melody.  Try a Feral Hop Hog.

WINE: Deep Woods Estate Rose - this has the acidity and complexity to cut through the burger, but the pink fruit characters are a good homage to the classic milkshake pairing…

OTHER: Speaking of… the Chocolate Milkshake.  A match made in high school heaven.  No need to tamper with perfection.

(Although we don’t recommend tampering with the classics, including bacon on your cheesie can sometimes be acceptable provided it has a good level of crip… in this case we would recommend a RYE IPA (Sierra Nevada), a SANGIOVESE (try Tar and Roses) and still a choc shake.)

The ‘All-In’ Burger

The kind of person that goes for this burger, is the kind of bloke that goes for supreme pizza.  Nuff said.  

BEER: More open to interpretation here, as there are so many flavours to play with.  We’re inclined to recommend something totally full bodied, like a NEIPA, or something totally smashable, like an Export.  So - what’ll it be?  Our NEIPA of choice lies with Hop Nation’s Market NEIPA.  A full bodied mouthful of juicy hops, tropical fruit, and “Kaffir lime leaf, mango, coriander, Vietnamese mint and subtle chilli…” OK you got me.  

WINE: Whatever you want, provided it has a bit of kick.  Tempted to recommend Grenache here… McLaren Vale of course.  IF you’ve got the cash - Toby Bekkers, or S.C. Pannell. You want something cheap and v cheerful? Kalleske Clarry’s GSM - this is consistently well-priced, released early (so juicy and bright) and is biodynamic AND organic.  Usually sub $20.

OTHER: Super tempted to recommend a WA tempranillo here… try the West Cape Howe Tempranillo.  Fruit is a blend of Frankland River and Perth Hills - it is vibrant and juicy but with some great Temp tannins which helps to step up the ‘chew’ factor.  Love it.

The Alternative to Red Meat Burger

(non veggie).  This person mixes it up with fish and chicken and others… pulled pork maybe.  

This blows open wide a world of possibility.  We’re not ashamed to admit it, sometimes the drinks do come first, and the burger just has to fit in, you know?

BEER: Try a spicy wheat beer here.  If you want to go trad, stick with the actual Belgians - our pick is the Blanche de Namur.  Mod more your thing?  Try Little Creatures White Rabbit with a slice of fresh orange.  Dare ya. 

WINE: Vasse Felix Chardonnay - enough funk and complexity to really get you going, but first class, Rolls Royce fruit and construction.  Doesn’t miss a beat.  Grand Cru on a Village budget.

OTHER: Pulled Pork and Negroni.  Enjoy.

The no Meat Burger

(veggie).  Don’t eat animal?  No problem.  With the exclusion of meat as the main ingredient, the chef has the freedom to do whatever they please flavour wise, so often these burgers can be really interesting.  Without a direction it’s hard to match - but let’s pitch at the interesting, the different, and the exciting.

BEER:  Sour.  Try something lighter, and fresher to allow the other flavours in the burger to shine - our pick is the Colonial South West Sour.  Looks good too.

WINE: Green veggies and red wine can be a tough one to make work.  I’d think outside the box here and go for an old-school (style) Barossa Rose.  Now hang on… we are talking Charles Melton Rose of Virginia, we are talking Langmeil Rose… these are full-bodied dark roses (they could almost pass as a light red). They have sweet fruit, structure, texture and they’re totally delicious.  Not fashionable at the moment with the Provencal rose’ ruling the roost, but they’ll get their time in the sun again.  You will want to be able to say “I was here first.”  If you haven’t yet - by golly… do.

OTHER:  Whisky on the rocks.  Monkey Shoulder.

Perth's best burgers

We’ve made a shortlist of the best burger joints in town, and what you’re drinking there.  So let’s get cracking.

  • Short Order - BYO (nuff said)  (Also imo best cheeseburger in town.  Peerless.)
  • Flipside Burgers (if it’s good enough for Prince Harry…)
  • Alfred’s Kitchen - Guildford (a venue that inspires folklore, myth and legend.  Try it for yourself…. and if you’re lucky enough - find yourself a spot next to the roadside firepit.)
  • Bilby’s - Claremont (older than time itself.  Bilbys have been serving up fresh, great burgers to the good people of Claremont for decades.
  • Meet & Bun - Trinity Arcade Perth (LUNCHTIME ONLY 10-3)
  • Hoodburger - Food truck - worth a the find.  Based in Bayswater

Go forth and eat.. today is a good day.