We like to get the scoop on all things wine related, as they happen, so we asked around some of our favourite winemakers for their thoughts on the 2018 harvest, so far.  The whites have already been picked, crushed, and are fermenting as we speak.  Maybe even bottled (?).  It was an epic white vintage.  The reds take longer to ripen and so we waited until everything was well and truly in to the wineries before we put this together.  So here’s what’s happening so far…


By all accounts (and I mean ALL), 2018 has shaped up to be a truly wonderful vintage.  It is the extension of a run of great vintages in WA going back 12 years now.  Add to this increasing vine age, more experienced winemakers, and better knowledge of the specific terroirs in our state, and you can be assured that weather permitting, quality is likely to continue to increase with every year that passes.  What a fine time to be alive.  For all the collectors out there, 2018 will be a red wine vintage for the cellar, although with such wonderful balance, and ripe tannins, they’ll likely drink very well early, too.  
Basically, you can go forth and buy what you like with perfect confidence – 2018 was stellar.

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At a lab tasting of single site grenache and tempranillo at Sittella winery in the Swan Valley on March 19th 2018, it was glaringly obvious that even at this awkward stage (fermentation), these wines showed magnificent structure, and elegant fruit.  They were gorgeous and expressive.  I’ll be hanging on for the release of these great wines, at the end of this year.  The Shiraz from Frankland River is something you ABSOLUTELY should be keeping your eye on.  There are great things waiting in the wings… things you might kick yourself later on for missing out on. You have been warned.

VINTAGE 2018  ☆☆☆☆☆

“Essentially, it’s a bloody fantastic vintage”

Nat Burch, Howard Park

“V18 is a winemaker’s vintage where fruit was picked at the winemakers choice with beautiful clean fruit no weather pressure to affect picking dates, subsequent ripe/fine tannins and long flavours resulted in the best vintage in Western Australia for 20 years!!”

Jeff Burch, Owner, Howard Park

“…A slow even ripening period, with mild conditions, has delivered an outstanding vintage – the reds are showing excellent colour, flavour and balance”

Daniela Gordon, Owner, Amelia Park

“Sum it up in a word- ‘Incredible’. Perfect ripening conditions, fantastic tannin structure and colour, and incredible flavour. A lot of the old boys have been saying it’s the vintage of a generation! Big call, but the wines are looking great.”

- Nic Peterkin, son of Mike Peterkin (owner Pierro), Owner and winemaker at L.A.S. Vino

“…the reds are going to be outstanding. With the cooler temperatures… deeper colour red wines and much softer tannins.”

- Yuri Berns, Assistant Winemaker Sittella