​Happy Mother’s Day to the EXPECTANT MAMA


From one mother to another, I can totally relate to how boring 9 months off the booze can be.  You’re comfortable that it’s all for the greater good, but it doesn’t make all the nights out with a pint of WATER in hand, any easier to deal with (or all the ‘helpful’ suggestions that ‘you can actually have a drink’- each to their own I guess).

I know that you don’t need alcohol to have fun… and you don’t need running shoes to run either, but they f****** help.   If I even have to look at another lemon lime and bitters again I think my teeth will pack up and bail in protest – also, the reason why I put on an extra 20kgs during the pregnancy is now crystal clear.   So, what can we drink for nine months while we grow these precious little bundles, that has a bit of interest and excitement (and won’t give us gestational diabetes)?

Glad you asked:


TBH, jury is out on alcohol-free beer, BUT, all accounts are they can be pretty good.  I think the trick is to drink it cold, quickly, and from the bottle.  

Erdinger Alkoholfrei Weiss beer 0.0% ABV – Weiss in style, the worst reviews all say that it lacks flavour or any predictable Weiss characteristics (that says easy drinking), but the best reviews on ratebeer.com say some very positive things about it… so that’s enough for me. Desperate times my friends… Liquor Barons Bayswater

Weihenstephaner Original 0.0% ABV - What beer drinker doesn't love Weihenstephaner - hard to read, easy to drink (said: Vine-steh-farn).  Sign us up - Liquor Barons Bayswater

Clausthaler Classic 0.5% ABV ($10 4 pack) - Not quite 0.0% ABV.  Maybe you're not pregnant but you can't drink or dn't want the alcohol.  Here is a v viable option, brought to you by Liquor Barons Bayswater

Ambar Gluten-Free Beer (0.0%) - Gluten AND alcohol free!  Well that was unexpected.  But also great if you're pregnant and can't eat gluten - thank god for the small things (like this Spanish beer).  Found at Liquor Barons Applecross.  while you're there, duck into the IGA next door for the juice below...

Other substitutes to soda water

Michael Brothers Ginger Tonic (cold pressed juice), slice of blood orange – The Michael Brothers are in based in the Swan Valley, and no joke, you won’t find a more exciting cold press juicer in Perth.  The Orange juice tastes EXACTLY like the oranges from my orange tree, and there ain’t nothin better than those sweet, tangy orbs of pleasure.  While we’re on the topic of pleasure – the Ginger Tonic is the pick of the bunch.  It’s the Cayenne pepper that brings the party here.  The natural spice and richness from the fresh ginger is concentrated by the cold pressed apple juice and brought to a laser like focus with the cayenne.  Sass it up with a bit of bubble (San Pel, or be like the ‘SodaStream Champagne’ woman on Youtube and get some spritz into it that way) and a slice of blood orange.

SeedLip Spice and Aromatic Tonic  - FULL DISCLOSURE: SeedLip Spirits are hard to find around Perth - Google is your friend here.  SO WORTH THE EFFORT.    Seedlip Drinks are distilled in the UK and are the world’s first premium distilled non-alcoholic spirits.  These are top shelf and should only be used with top-shelf mixers (we suggest Fever Tree).  It was amazing how sick of sweet drinks I became – I started to crave savoury, spicy drinks (could have been due to my hectic salt craving) but all I wanted was something spicy, structured and interesting, like red wine.  OK – I wanted a red wine.

“A world of possibility working with mixers, teas, brines, salts & shrubs to create dry, sour, bitter & savoury drinks”

So, pregnant mamas, you might not have a baby on the outside yet - but you're doing something great, and hard and wonderful and everything will be worth it in the end.  And if it's not worth it, it's not the end.  True words. xx