Get Frenched – we’ve got plans ON THE PODIUM Sunday night

Podium Finish_1200x628px.jpg

Said plans involve the final stage of le Tour, a glass of champagne, some French Chateaus, and the couch.  What are you up to?

There's 21 glorious stages of the Tour de France, and this year it's been full to bursting with crashes, hay bales, jersey shuffling, dusty roads and weather extremes.  The cyclists have even had to deal with some tear gas... that might be a first. 

Sunday marks the end of the 2018 TDF, and although there's always room for surprise, it looks very much like the Welshman Geraint Thomas is cycling with an unassailable lead.  

So, what are we drinking?

Top 5 beverages for tonight:

Saint Clair SB_15.jpg

1. Saint Clair Sav Blanc  

One of New Zealand's most recognisable exports, the Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc is fresh as a button - make sure you're serving this cold and with the view to getting the night started right.

Swings & Roundabouts SBS_16.jpg

2.  Swings & Roundabouts SBS

WA's answer the the NZ Savalanche.  This is built on a base of sauvignon blanc, with the characteristic grassy characters of semillon which help to flesh out the palate.  Perhaps this exhibits more restraint than it's NZ friend, but that's ok - it's getting us ready for the next wine.

Vasse Felix Filius Chard_14.jpg

3. Vasse Felix Chardonnay

Margaret River produces a tiny amount of wine compared to the rest of the country, but the quality is very very high.  From Margaret River's oldest commercial vineyard, Vasse Felix, comes this high quality chardonnay... the oak used in fermentation comprise of old barrels, so the impact on the palate is to bring texture and spice - the yellow peach, white stone fruit and red apple skin fruit is able to shine alongside the almond meal and crushed cashew - this is a cracker.

Heidsieck Momopole Blue top.jpg

4. Heidsieck & Co Monopole Blue Top Champagne

Champagne for the finish - probab;ly the best marketed wine region in the whole world, nothing speaks of celebration, success (and commiseration) like Champagne.  We've featured this twice, because, well... it's obvious isn't it?  We're drinking double of the bubbles.  

Heidsieck Momopole Blue top.jpg

5. Heidsieck & Co Monopole Blue Top Champagne (yep - that's two glasses)