Hot Liquor Trends in 2018: LBHQ New Year Resolutions

It’s the beginning of the year and we’ve asked the team at LBHQ to confess their New Year’s Resolutions. You won’t find any pledges to practice mindfulness, get on a keto diet or take up Pilates... Our team are keen to delve deeper into some trends which we think are going to be big in 2018.

This is what we’ll be getting stuck into:

Heath (Craft Beer)

Heath makes up the half of the social media team and is LBHQ’s resident wordsmith.

Heath dived headfirst into the world of craft beer shortly after arriving at LBHQ and considers himself quite the enthusiast despite still being a bit wet behind the ears. This year, Heath is looking to expand on his starting point in 2017, meeting with local brewers and continuing tasting all the new and amazing local beers he gets to browse through when visiting stores.

"I thinks big,  bold, fruity and full-flavoured mid-strength craft beers will be warm weather winners in 2018. I'm keeping an eye on the fridges for any new arrivals. I particularly enjoyed Mash Brewery's Little NEIPA which was my winner for 2017 and I'm pretty amped to taste all the new limited batch arrivals in the New Year."

Terri (Grower Chamapgne)

Terri does our digital graphic design and social media and absolutely loves a glass of French bubbles or two when she's celebrating a special occasion (or even when she's not). 

"Billecart was always my go-to bottle for a celebration, before Richard convinced me to fork out a little more this year for a bottle of Lallier 2008 Champagne for friends and family to enjoy over the Chrissie break. It was so delicious, I'm determined to try more Grower Champagne."

*What is Grower Champagne?

Traditionally in Champagne, growers grew the grapes they then sold to the big-well-known houses to produce the Champagne. More recently, there’s been a little bit of a shift and the growers have been using their own grapes to produce their own artisan Champagne.

Richard (Australian Small-batch Gin)

Richard is the Booze buyer and head of marketing here at LBHQ. As an English gent, he enjoys quality gin from the mother country.  In the last couple of years, he’s kept a close watch on a growing trend,  Australian small-batch gin.

"In the last few years, over 40 new distilleries have opened in Australia showcasing rich and unique local botanicals. I particularly enjoy The West Winds 'The Sabre' gin which is a tip of the cap to the London Dry style I'm used to from back home. It's made by a local distillery out of Margaret River who utilise a number of indigenous Australian botanicals like bush tomato and wattle seed as unique flavour inclusions. I'm excited by what new botanicals I will discover on my Aussie gin journey throughout 2018 but one thing's for sure. I certainly won’t be stuck for choice."

Left to right: Timon (Nedlands), Chris, Lou (Carlisle), Geoff (Swanbourne),  Andrew (Duncraig) Rosco (Bayswater) at the ALIA Awards in Sydney last year.

Left to right: Timon (Nedlands), Chris, Lou (Carlisle), Geoff (Swanbourne),  Andrew (Duncraig) Rosco (Bayswater) at the ALIA Awards in Sydney last year.

Chris (Chardonnay)

We see Chardonnay as having a real resurgence in 2018. Chris is LBHQ’s fearless leader and Liquor Barons' GM. Chris has been a Chardy fanatic for as long as we’ve known him and probably a bit before then.

"I've always had a soft spot for Chardonnay. During the 90's,  my love for Chardy really took off. The wines were a lot more buttery, rich and heavily oaked. Now, the popular style for chardonnay are more subtle and refined. It's a thrill to be  discovering quality new wines and great to no longer be on my own. Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed the Sittella Chardonnay currently featuring in our On the Vine Summer Edition magazine. You'd be nuts not to give it a try."