Top 5 V-DAY Activities (G rated)

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Valentines Day doesn’t just have to mean flowers, dinner out, and a big bill.

We think Valentines Day is about hanging out with bae and eating, drinking, and having a good time. All of which can be done at home. Here are five suggestions to get you in the mood:

Picnic in the back yard.

Think about it: this is moderate effort for maximum results. Stop in at the shops on the way home and pick up all your favourite foods - tonight is not a night to be mature - tonight is a night to give in to everything you want. Swing by your local Liquor Barons and pick up something you’ve been wanting to try for a while. Get home, set up a picnic blanket, cushions, glasses, plates, cutlery, a little vase of flowers/greenery (from the garden perhaps?) and a candle or two. Then just wait for your number one friend/lover/s to get home from work. Best. Surprise. Ever. Extra points for board games/cards <3 We suggest:

(campari and soda with orange slice, as the sun sets)

(campari and soda with orange slice, as the sun sets)

Netflix and chill.

Oldie but still a goodie; especially if you’re bingeing on really good serial. See notes from point one RE setting yourselves up right with food and drinks. Move the picnic to the lounge? We suggest:

(Pinot + pizza (delivered))

(Pinot + pizza (delivered))

Stay in bed.

All day. Chuck a sickie. No chores. No clothes (we mean ‘work’ clothes). Is this not the best idea ever? Refer to option 1 & 2 for nighttime plans. Champagne breakfast (in bed) to start of course. We suggest:

(Champagne + french toast with maple syrup)

(Champagne + french toast with maple syrup)

Chuck a party.

Yeah - with all your other non-v-day-mates. We suggest:

(buying enough so you don’t run out)

Spa Party for two.

The whole kit-and-caboodle: robes, candles, bubble bath, wine, face masks - you know, all the romantic stuff. Wait til the kids go to bed is our best suggestion yet. We suggest:

Name better bang for buck. We’ll wait…

Name better bang for buck. We’ll wait…

PS: All of these suggestions are adaptable to:


couples who arent into the kissy stuff

couples who ARE into the kissy stuff (use your imagination)