Laverstoke Mill, England

Bombay Gins are created from an original 1761 recipe set down by Thomas Daikin, a gentleman distiller and visionary craftsman of the industrial revolution. Made in England at our Laverstoke Mill Distillery in Hampshire, our Master of Botanicals Ivan Tonutti, hand selects the botanicals to guarantee quality and consistency. Queen Victoria, the Empress of India was chosen as an image for the Bombay brands as a quintessential icon from the spiritual home of gin.


London Dry Gin has the most stringent regulations and is the finest of gin standards.  It must be predominantly flavoured with juniper and only natural ingredients may be added during distillation. Our Master of Botanicals, Ivano Tonutti, doesn't just go the extra mile, he goes an extra thousand miles. He hand-selects the botanicals used in our gin and builds personal relationships with each grower.

Bombay Gins are crafted at the state-of-the-art distillery at Laverstoke Mill, Hampshire.  An award-winning distillery (BREEAM sustainable design) that produces an award-winning gin (Double Gold at 2017 San Francisco spirits challenge).

Our rare vapour infusion distillation process delicately extracts the best from each botanical.  The aromas and flavours that are infused in the spirit via vapour infusion are fresher and brighter and are noticeably different to other gins that “boil” their botanicals in spirit. The result: a balanced and uniquely versatile gin with light, bright citrus notes


Did you know

10 botanicals – The eight core botanicals are balanced with two additional floral spices – Cubeb Berries and Grains of Paradise, to give it a floral spicy finish.

Bombay Sapphire was launched as a premium version of Bombay Dry Gin, in the 1980s which was first created in the 1950s based from the 1761 recipe.

The “Sapphire” gem shares the same striking blue colour as the Bombay Sapphire bottle and reflects the elusive, premium quality of the spirit inside.

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