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February 12, 2021


Aperol Subheading

You could make the case that Aperol is the single most popular aperitif in the world today and why wouldn’t it be? It’s light, refreshing, low alcohol and utterly delicious!

Aperol Aperitivo 700mL

Way back in 1919, two brothers presented to the International Fair of Padua a bright orange liqueur named Aperol. With the Italians embracing its bittersweet characteristics, the brothers took full advantage and Aperol finally brought a missing ingredient of the Prosecco spritz to the party in the form of a brightly coloured, zesty and fruit-forward aperitif spirit.

The Aperol Spritz

A great liqueur on its own, but its most famous for its signature serve. When mixed with Prosecco and soda water, this zesty bitter orange, rhubarb spirit with a herbaceous kick and its gorgeous orange colour is pure sparkling magic in a glass.


In a large wine glass:

  • Add 60ml Aperol
  • Add 90ml Prosecco
  • Top with a 30ml Dash of Soda
  • Fill glass with ice
  • Garnish with a slice of orange

Nowadays, the Aperol Spritz has become very popular throughout Italy and the rest of the world as a result of word of mouth recommendations and because of its unique qualities. Lightly alcoholic, easy to combine with food and other drinks and always popular.

Tasting Notes

  • Light on the nose with soft scents of orange
  • Initially sweet on the palate before developing a slight bitterness on the finish.
  • Fresh orange
  • lingering rhubarb aromas


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