August 28, 2023


Tatelbaum Subheading


An Ode to Powerful Women

Tatelbaum is an ode to the Tate families’ roots and the strong women of the family, spanning across generations. A migrant family with a long history of making wine throughout Italy, they decided to start a winery in 2020 to honour the Tate women. The Tatelbaum range has been based around 4 women over generations of the Tate family, each with larger than life personalities.

These powerful women are lovingly portrayed through individually hand drawn illustrations that can be seen on each bottle.

We come from the European family. They’re working class. They’re the big family in the small house. The best cooks. The tellers of stories, and the truth, but most importantly, they are our family, our culture, and our history. Tatelbaum is wine for home, for family, for friends and lovers. We are lovers of late night conversations, coming back for seconds and gazing out to the stars. We are hopeless romantics, endlessly devoted to the sweetest moments. Kisses on the forehead, coming home to flowers and a glass of wine.



Tatelbaum Chianti Superiore

  • Origin: Tuscany, Italy
  • Type: Sangiovese
  • Analysis: 13.5% Alc
  • Tasting notes: this Sangiovese blend is midweight and savoury, with trademark charcuterie-seeking tannins, yet still with this core of ripe fruit.
  • Colour: Deep crimson red in colour.
  • Palate: Combines wonderful savoury elements, black olive and dried herbs with vibrant red fruits, plum, blackberry. The palate has supple, velvety tannins with flavours of spicy, sweet dark cherry. This wine has a very soft and succulent finish.
  • Aroma: Dark berry fruits, plum and herbs.
  • Food Match: Chianti works effortlessly well with tomato sauces, pizza, and pasta bakes. It is an easy-going Italian wine that will be perfect with lasagne, white bean soup, corstini with mushrooms or pecorino cheese.

Drawn from the rolling hills of the Chianti Superiore region, this Sangiovese blend is midweight and savoury, with trademark charcuterie-seeking tannins, yet still with this core of ripe fruit. The superiore grapes are fermented in cement tanks.


Tatelbaum ProseccoTatelbaum Prosecco

  • Origin: Veneto, Zona DOC Prosecco
  • Type: Prosecco, Glera
  • Analysis: 11% Alc
  • Tasting notes: Lemon, red apple, florals, and lime.
  • Colour: Brilliant pale yellow, persistent perlage.
  • Palate: Fresh & distinctive. Lemon, red apple, florals, and lime. Bright & playful finish.
  • Aroma: Citrus fruit & flowery features.
  • Food Match: The ideal partner for refined appetisers and delicate fish, white meat, and fresh cheese dishes.

This Prosecco was bottled young and fresh to preserve the pristine fruit flavours and fresh acidity. The fruit is then sorted and gently pressed, the light & clear juice is fermented to create a still (dry) base wine. The base wine is then transferred to sealed and pressurised stainless-steel tanks, combined with sugar and yeast to begin second fermentation (bubbles!). A dosage of still wine is added to bring the wine to the desired sweetness.


Quick Facts

  • The illustrations that are on each label are hand drawn. These illustrations are original and are specifically created to encapsulate the women the wine is named after.
  • The women that are on each bottle are all real women to hold the last name Tatelbaum / Tate. They intentionally matched their personality to their wine to give each wine an honest and authentic feel.

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