Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin

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“It’s no secret that I love Aviation Gin. I’ve tried every gin on the planet, and it is, hands down, the best. Also, I don’t recommend trying every gin on the planet; just stick with this one.” Ryan Reynolds

Aviation Gin, owned by actor and producer Ryan Reynolds, is the world’s highest-rated gin (97 points, Wine Enthusiast) and has helped establish a new style of American gin – softer and smoother, with juniper in the background and citrus and floral notes in the front – resulting in more balanced cocktails. Created by a unique bartender/distiller partnership, Aviation is crafted in small batches in Portland, Oregon.


Aviation Gin was born when co-founder Ryan Magarian tried a classic cocktail called ‘The Aviation’. After the first taste, he knew that he wanted to create a gin perfect for both classic and modern cocktails. Ryan Reynolds joined the team a little later in 2018, after he discovered Aviation Gin, naming it “the best gin on the planet”. He invested in the company and now is a co-owner, responsible for the creativity behind the brand. As an American Gin, Aviation is a little different to its competitors. Crafted with the combination of eight different botanicals, the flavours of this gin focus less on the traditional juniper taste and more on a balance of floral, citrus and spice, resulting in a gin that was made with cocktails in mind.

What’s it like / Tasting Notes

NOSE: Crisp notes of juniper alongside delicate floral sweetness, parma violets, a touch of citrus peel and green vegetal notes, with a pinch of spice.

PALATE: Spicy notes, more prominent than on the nose, cardamom shining through and a scattering of cinnamon, with floral notes continuing.

FINISH: Soft spicy linger, along with the return of citrus peel.

Type – American Gin

Origin – Portland, Oregon, USA

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