Balter Cerveza

Balter Cerveza

Beer of the Month | Special $56.99 per 24pk, ends 5th November 2023

 “Your taste buds come first.”

ORIGIN: Currumbin, QLD, Australia
TYPE: Lager
PRODUCT: Balter Cerveza Bottles 355ml 24pk

Tastes like a great arvo!


To award winning brewery Balter, beer is more than just a drink. It brings tribes together and is a companion to many great moments in life.


This crisp beer is that little drop of summer. Light on hops and big on refreshment. Something you will grab from the fridge on a hot day and go, “you beauty”. Crisp and refreshing, very low on bitterness and high on drinkability.

Colour – Light and bright pale gold.
Aroma – Slight corn & bready aroma.
Palate – Small bitter start with a smooth carbonated finish.
Serving Suggestion – Pop the top off after mowing the lawn on a hot afternoon.
Food Match – Tacos, Sausage Sandwich.

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