Billson’s Double Vodka Tangle

Billson’s Double Vodka Tangle

Premix of the Month | 2024

 “The number one fan-favourite flavour is now available in 6%.

ORIGIN: Beechworth, Victoria
TYPE: Vodka Premix
PRODUCT: Billson’s Double Vodka Tangle 6% Cans 250mL 4 Pack

Billson’s Double Vodka 6% Range is taking the party to the next level, the flavours you know and love, with a little extra kick.


Originally founded in 1865, Billson’s is one of Australia’s oldest breweries. Located in the historic ‘Gold Rush’ town of Beechworth, Victoria. Nathan and Felicity, a young couple from Melbourne, fell in love with Beechworth’s charm and purchased the dishevelled brewery in 2017.

Billson’s Double Vodka Range is one of the newest products in their lengthy list of offerings and also one of their biggest fan-favourites, now available in Tangle, Blood Orange and Strawberry Watermelon.


A delicious blend of raspberry, orange and lemon, made with fresh Alpine spring water.

Colour – Light Purple.
Aroma – Fresh and fruity.
Palate – Sweet, fruity, refreshing.
Serving Suggestion – Best served ice-cold, straight out of the esky or fridge on a hot summer’s afternoon.

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