Carlton Dry 3.5%

Carlton Dry 3.5%

Beer of the Month | 2024

 “Seriously drinkable

ORIGIN: Victoria, AUS
TYPE: Lager
PRODUCT: Carlton Dry 3.5% Cans 375mL 30 pack


The classic, much loved Carlton Dry beer but not as you know it! Now available in 3.5%, this is a great lower carb option who love a traditional Carlton Dry beer but want to drink it in moderation. It’s available in a new value 30 pack!


Take a sip and experience something a little fruity, low in bitterness, and a taste that tastes like Carlton Dry. Because it is Carlton Dry, but only 3.5%.

Colour – Gold.
Aroma – Refreshing, hoppy.
Palate – Sessionable, fruity, low bitterness.
Serving Suggestion – Ice cold.

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