Dimple Scotch

Dimple Scotch

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John Haig & Co., run by the Haig family, distilled the first blend in the early 1890s. This later became Dimple whisky. The Haig family were the oldest and biggest of the distilling families in Scotland and are often called Scotland’s first family of distillers. To the present day, John Haig & Co. continues to distil and blend Dimple whiskies of exceptional quality in the same time honoured tradition established by the founders.


Most whiskies are defined by four distinct flavours; smoke, vanilla, fresh fruits and rich fruits. However, Dimple is subtle and defines the phrase ‘less is more’. Unlike many more obvious blends it combines these four whisky poles into three. These three key flavours define the Dimple house style, with its taste centred around a combination of mango, mixed nuts and mocha.

There is no obvious smoke in Dimple, but instead there is a combination of rich fruits and smoke from West Coast whiskies to give us the bitter sweet mocha tones. The combination of rich fruits and vanilla provide the taste of mango whilst the vanilla and fresh fruits give the flavour of mixed nuts, such as almond and macadamia nuts.

What’s it like/Tasting Notes

Dimple 12 Year Old beautifully balances the key three house flavours of mango, mocha and mixed nuts, with lighter citrus tones, and the resulting whisky is delightfully deep, smooth and rich.

The rich, fruity flavours of Dimple 12 Year Old means that it is perfect for either mixing in cocktails, serving with food accompaniments such as mango, mixed nuts, or simply enjoying on its own.

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