Dingo Lager

Dingo Lager

The Dingo Has Stood As A Landmark On Our Pristine Coastline For Decades, Offering Visitors From Far And Wide A Glimpse Of What It Means To Call WA Home. Now, We’ve Put Our Iconic Stamp On Beer. Fiercely Independent With A Healthy Irreverence For Authority, Dingo Lager Is Proudly Western Australia’s Own. Dingo Brewing Co. is a celebration of Western Australia – our people, unique culture and all the stories that make us who we are. As custodians of the iconic Dingo logo, we’ve set out to create something that’s bigger than just flour – or beer. We know the Dingo means a lot to our locals, because it defines a sense of place we can all relate to. Our philosophy for Dingo Brewing is no different: proudly WA, and we’re here to stay.

What’s It Like/Tasting Notes

Local, natural, authentic.

Dingo Lager is uncomplicated and made for easy drinking, just like it should be. Made from WA malt, barley and all Aussie hops, it is a crisp and refreshing all-weather classic. Perfect as the cap to a hard day’s work, to enjoy a couple of rounds at the pub, or to share with mates as you take in a classic WA beach sunset.

Dingo Lager’s premium malting grade barley is sourced right here in Western Australia. This is complimented with a mature lager yeast strain and all Aussie hops including pride of ringwood, cluster and melba. Topping off this winning combination is the knowledge that Dingo Lager is all natural with no added preservatives. What a beauty!

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