Eagle Bay Brewing Wheatbelt Lager

Eagle Bay Brewing Wheatbelt Lager

Beer of the Month | 2023

 “Paddock to pint”

ORIGIN: West Australia
TYPE: Wheatbelt Lager
PRODUCT: Eagle Bay Brewing Co. Wheatbelt Lager 375ml 16pk

Farmer to farmer, mate to mate.


Eagle Bay Brewery have teamed up with local farmers CJ South & Co, to create a beer that showcases the WA farming community. An ode to generations of farming and the importance of local community, 100% WA ingredients and 100% WA made, Eagle Bay have created a true paddock-to-pint experience.


A slightly gripping mouthfeel carries some residual malt sweetness into a moderate and clean finish where gentle spice, Wheaties like flavour and some grassy bitterness linger. It’s an easy drinking Australian Lager.

Aroma – Light pale malt and spice.
Palate – Malt flavour with lingering grassy bitterness.
Serving Suggestion – Ice cold and straight from the can!
Food Match – BBQ with your mates.

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