Emu Export

Emu Export

Beer of the Month | Special $61.99, ends 23th April 2023

“The Beer for West Australians.”

ORIGIN: Australia
TYPE: Lager
PRODUCT: Emu Export Can 375ml 30pk

Emu Export has positioned itself as an egalitarian beer, as seen recently when 107-year-old Bridget “Bid” Grocke revealed that drinking a can of the stuff every day was the secret to her long, healthy life. Emu known by many as the “Bush Chook” embraces all drinkers and best swilled as cold as you can get it.


Emu was first launched in 1954 by the swan brewery and still, today is a stalwart in many west Australian fridges.


Emu export is a medium bitter and full-bodied beer with a crisp clean taste perfect for the WA climate. As accurate a description of a lager as you will get. This is a beer you don’t have to think about, parse or dissect; just drink it.

Colour – Light yellow lager.
Food Match – Any bbq isn’t complete on a hot day with a nice cold Emu.

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