Fat Bastard Chardonnay

Fat Bastard Chardonnay

Wine of the Month Special $14.99 | Special Ends 27 February, 2022

Go big or go home

Go big or go home. Fat Bastard only cares about one thing: big, bold, beautiful juice. That’s why the fruit is sourced from the best regions around the world, renowned for the fullest flavour of each variety. You know exactly what you’re getting in every bottle. Dinner will never be dull again with a Fat Bastard at the table.

About: whether it’s wine or life, Fat Bastard’s philosophy is go big or go home. Our wines are made with fruit from those regions around the world that are known for having the fullest flavour, which means big, bold juice in every bottle and big, bold words in every communication. Dull dinners are our enemy; wine and words are our weapons. 

What’s it like: just like they used to make em’. Our Fat Bastard chardonnay has an opulent, rich palate of grilled pineapple, spiced butterscotch and loaded with peach and apricot. Filled with macadamia and almond meal notes, the wine has a bright linear acid line bringing liveliness and freshness. Full-bodied goodness.

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