Feral Biggie Juice IPA

Feral Biggie Juice IPA

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 “Notoriously juicy

ORIGIN: Western Australia
TYPE: East Coast India Pale Ale
PRODUCT: Feral Biggie Juice IPA Can 375mL 4pk


WA locals, Feral like their beers hearty and brewed the old fashioned way.
“We aren’t a craft brewery, we’re a brewery; we don’t brew craft beer, we brew beer. We don’t care how others label it, we just want you to enjoy it because you want to. Because it tastes damn good.” – Feral Brewing Co.


Day dreamin’ in a cloud of haze, Biggie Juice is intentionally cloudy contributing to a creamy mouth feel.

Colour – Cloudy gold.
Aroma – Apricot, peaches and passionfruit.
Palate – Fruity, dry, refreshing.
Serving Suggestion – Ice cold.

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