Great Northern Brewing Co. Ginger Beer

Great Northern Brewing Co. Ginger Beer

Beer of the Month | 2024

 “Meet the Ginger Marlin!

TYPE: Ginger Beer
PRODUCT: Great Northern Brewing Co. Ginger Beer Cans 375mL 6 Pack


Made to suit the unique Northern Australian climate with an outdoor lifestyle in mind.


Using the finest Queensland ginger, it is the perfect balance of crisp and dry, creating a refreshing Ginger Beer that is perfect for the Aussie climate and its endless summers.

Colour – Pale gold.
Aroma – Ginger with a hint of citrus.
Palate – Gingery but without heat, citrus and a clean & crisp finish.
Serving Suggestion – When the orange glow of an Aussie sunset covers the horizon it’s what we like to call Ginger Hour. The perfect time to crack a Ginger Beer.
Food Match Great with a barbie.

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