Howler Head Bourbon

Howler Head Bourbon

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ORIGIN: Kentucky, USA.
TYPE: Flavoured Bourbon Whiskey
PRODUCT: Howler Head Banana Flavoured Bourbon 700mL


Howler Head was created in 2021 in Kentucky, USA, and very quickly became one of the fastest-selling spirits of 2022 and is now the official Flavoured Bourbon of the UFC. In addition to being an exceptionally high-quality whiskey, and in line with flavoured whiskey trends that are taking the world by storm, Howler Head has established itself as a must-have on any shelf.


Carefully crafted Bourbon with a proprietary yeast, the finest grains and mineral-rich water filtered through Kentucky limestone. The whiskey is distilled in a legendary 100-year-old Vendome all-copper column still. The resulting Bourbon is then aged for two years in American white oak barrels with a #4 “alligator” char in traditional wood rick houses. Following the aging, the fine Bourbon is then blended with natural banana flavour.

Colour – Golden amber.
Aroma – Banana cream with supporting notes of caramel and hints of Whiskey and charred oak.
Palate – Oak, sweetness, banana.
Serving Suggestion – Perfect any way you slice it: neat, on the rocks, as a shot with a beer, or in the fanciest cocktail you could want!


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