Malfy Gin Rosa

Malfy Gin Rosa

Spirit of the Month | Special $59.99, Ends 27 March 2022

We think it’s time for an aperitivo, don’t you?

Nowhere encapsulates the spirit of Italy quite like the Amalfi Coast. Yet, in this stylish, sun-soaked enclave, life moves at a different pace… Inspired by this Amalfi lifestyle, Malfy Gin embodies the essence of ‘La Dolce Vita’, and we invite you to sit back and enjoy with every sip.

Our elegant fusion of some Sicilian pink grapefruits, Italian lemons, fine botanicals, and handpicked juniper creates the ultimate bright and sophisticated gin.

Our distillery is in Moncalieri, just outside the city of Torino – An area famed for its production of fine wines and spirits. All Malfy’s Gin’s proudly carrying our GQDI stamp, which stands for Gin di Qualita Distillato in Italia, our mark of quality and authenticity. 

Aroma – Bright, fresh grapefruit, rich rhubarb, citrus, and anise

Flavour – Rich, fresh citrus, grapefruit, and a rich and long juniper finish.

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