On The Vine Spring 2021

Liquor Barons Fine Wine Guide

Readers may wish to know what our panel looks for in wines when we are selecting them for On the Vine. We use the traditional and straightforward Australian 20-point wine judging system to separate the wheat from the chaff and then select the very best of the grain.

The bottles are always masked; we do not see labels or prices. This is the fairest way for an unbiased adjudication. Stemmed quality glasses are fastidiously washed and when the wines are poured we look favourably on those that are bright, clean and show no browning, which is a sign of oxidation in both whites and reds. The nose should offer fresh grape aromas, varietal definition, winemaking complexities in certain styles and no off-odours.  The palate can be light-bodied to full-bodied and yet have a balance of ingredients or harmony across the mouth. A long length of palate is fundamental, as a brief sensory perception in the mouth has as much value as a cask of goon with an expired use-by date.

During the unmasking ceremony and subsequent discussion we are delighted when we see both quality and value in a bottle. A faulty or poor wine is always too expensive. We trust you will tuck in and enjoy our selection for this quarter. The panel worked through 200 + wines to find these gems.

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