On The Vine Winter 2021

Liquor Barons Fine Wine Guide

We had amazing autumn weather this year, some of the best that my dwindling memory recollects. The lengthy spell of superb warm and calm weather was great for wine drinking, especially for the white and pink wines we had left over from our summer quaffing. The chilly and wet weather is in front of us and if you are hanging out for warming reds, you will find some delights in this selection, hopefully enough to shore up your winter defences.

There are two inexpensive young pinots, a couple of juicy grenache blends, a single grenache, an Italian sangio and the usual shiraz and cabernet sauvignon wines. It’s a great bunch and outstanding value. Notwithstanding the reds, don’t neglect the whites and the rosé, there is always a time or occasion during winter when serving a white or pink wine is de rigueur. Always respect the food you are serving with an appropriate wine.

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