Republic of Fremantle Aromatic Gin

Republic of Fremantle Aromatic Gin

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 “Distilling Premium Spirits From Grape to Glass.”

ORIGIN: Fremantle, Western Australia.
TYPE: Contemporary Gin
ANALYSIS: 42% Alc/Vol
PRODUCT: Republic of Fremantle Aromatic Gin 500ml

The Republic of Fremantle is an urban distillery on the heart of Fremantle’s West End, a collective for the independently minded. Those who shun convention to pursue the different and the better.


Our spirits are made from Verdelho grapes, harvested from 100-year-old vines in the Swan Valley of Western Australia. Our grape to glass distilling process gives life to a silky-smooth gin with greater complexity of flavour and aroma.


A zesty burst of fresh citrus, with subtle fresh apricot tones, and a lively honeyed ginger finish. Delicate floral notes slowly reveal themselves.

Colour – Crystal clear.
Palate – Clean and textural.
Aroma – Fresh citrus and juniper.
Food Match – Charred octopus with chilli and herb salsa.
Serving Suggestion – A versatile gin that is enhanced with citrus and tonic. It pairs neatly in a Tom Collins, French 75, as well as Dick Bradsell’s legendary Bramble. The Republic’s signature serve Gin and Tonic is garnished with a thin slice of green apple.

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