Shelter Pale Ale

Shelter Pale Ale

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“Born & Brewed in Busselton”

ORIGIN: Busselton, WA
TYPE: Pale Ale
ANALYSIS: ABV: 4.7%  |  IBU: 30  

Fresh out of our Busselton brewery, the Shelter Pale Ale is the newest addition to our core range. It has been crafted to be the perfect all-rounder, fruity and full with just enough bitterness to make it lip smacking and more-ish, whether you’re in a sunny beer garden or polishing off a couple after work.


The Shelter Pale Ale is a new world pale bursting with passionfruit, melon and pina colada characters. Its fruit-driven body and perfectly bitter finish leave you wanting more after every sip. It pours a delicious hazy golden hue that seems to glow in the glass.


Passionfruit, melon, sunsets.

Style – New World Pale Ale
Malt – Base, Wheat, Vienna, Malted Oats
Hops – Bru-1, Sabro Lupomax, Eclipse

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