Tanqueray Gin

Tanqueray Gin

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First distilled in Bloomsbury, London in 1830, Charles Tanqueray was not afraid to mix up brave ideas in his own unique gin style. Tanqueray London Dry Gin has become one of the most widely recognised gin brands across the world today and the preferred choice amongst top international bartenders. Embraced as a favourite drink by celebrities and stars including Frank Sinatra and even rumoured to be the first bottle of spirits consumed in the White House following the end of Prohibition, Tanqueray screams a level of sophistication and classic appeal worthy of its 180 years of distilling excellence.

London Dry Gin is a classic blend of the finest gin distilled four times and masterfully infused with a hand-picked selection of four botanicals in its secondary distillations including juniper, coriander, angelica root and liquorice which result in a timeless and balanced gin experience.

Tasting Notes

This is an incredibly smooth and silky gin which can be simply enjoyed by you and you’re mother-in-law alike. Best to drink by itself over ice, with soda or with tonic and a wedge of lime so as to not mask the hint of botanicals present. There is a trace of citrus zest also present along with angelica stalk and liquorice which gives this gin its recognisable, classic taste and makes a wedge of citrus fruit this drink’s perfect accompaniment.


  • Dominant Juniper musk: a signature characteristic of this type of gin
  • Hints of Liquorice, citrus zest and candied angelica stalk


  • Begins with Juniper
  • Finishes with a spicier note including cinnamon and coriander seed
  • Spices intensifying on finish


  • Smooth and silky with a soft body and a longer and warm finish as the spices come through

Did You Know

The pineapple featured on Tanqueray’s logo and original family crest is a traditional symbol for hospitality and quality. The original still used to distil London Dry managed to survive the London Bombings during World War II and is still used to produce the gin today using an unchanged secret recipe.

“There’s simply nothing that could be done to make this a better gin – it’s as good as gin gets and is one of the great spirits of the world”

— drinkspirits.com

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