White Claw Refrshr Lemonade Strawberry

White Claw Refrshr Lemonade Strawberry

Premix of the Month | 2023

 “Discover epic refreshment like nothing you’ve tasted before.

ORIGIN: Belgium
TYPE: Premix
PRODUCT: White Claw Refrshr Alcoholic Lemonade Strawberry Cans 330mL 4pk

Hard Lemonade just got a refresh. White Claw® REFRSHR™ Alcoholic Lemonade is a fresh new take on a classic with exhilarating flavour combinations unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.


REFRSHR™ Strawberry with a hint of Kiwi.


Refrshr’s Strawberry flavour delivers authentic ripe berry sweetness and is perfectly complemented with a slightly tart kiwi for a super refreshing flavour combination.

Colour – Cloudy
Aroma – Sweet
Palate – Refreshing, crisp, sweet
Serving Suggestion – Best served icy cold, sitting in the afternoon sun with your friends.
Food Match – Everything!

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