Grant Burge Miamba Shiraz

Grant Burge Miamba Shiraz

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“Leave Your Mark”

ORIGIN: Barossa
TYPE: 2022 Miamba Shiraz

The story of Grant Burge is one of the past, the present, and the future.
Planting their roots in the Barossa Valley in 1865, the Burges began as a family of devoted vignerons. For five generations, they spent their days toiling on the land, understanding the soil, and from it, growing grapes that would become the premium wines of today.


A very dry Winter & Spring lead to early vineyard intervention to keep soil profiles moist. Frost and hail also assisted with yield reduction at flowering resulting in low cropping of high-quality fruit. The outcome was the lowest-yielding Barossa Vintage in a decade and although low having the vines push all of the energy into the remaining fruit gave way to tremendous quality and fruit harmony able to withstand the higher-than-average temperatures across the early parts of 2019. Due to the low yields, the fruit flowed in thick, fast but most of all, early. A vintage truly ingrained in memory.


Colour – Dense deep purple, and violet hues.
Nose – A subtle but forward complex of sweet spice, blueberry tart, and cinnamon scroll with some red-fruited bilberry giving some freshness and lightness to the lift.
Palate – Sweet fruit palate with sweet milk chocolate and spice. Red fruit adds hints of relief from the sweetness providing a complex fruit choc mix. There is some finesse in the tension of tannin without being overly structured.

Pairs very well with barbequed or roasted beef, but is also well suited to roasted goat or venison pie.

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