March 1, 2023

Can we get a round of apaws for Dingo Mid?

Can we get a round of apaws for Dingo Mid? Subheading


Just like the iconic Dingo sign on the North Freo flour mill, Dingo Brewing Co’s philosophy is simple; to celebrate Western Australia. The Dingo was the inspiration behind Dingo Lager, which has since hit the spot as one of WA’s best high-quality, easy-drinking craft beers.

But the time has come for Dingo Lager to pass the baton onto a new, younger pup in the Dingo pack. Introducing Dingo’s all new mid-strength brew…Dingo Mid!

We sat down with the brains and brewers behind Dingo Brewing to find out more about this new Mid-strength Lager, what it means to be a WA local and the origins of the iconic Dingo sign.



Q&A with Dingo Brewer

Tell us a bit about the new kid on the block, Dingo Mid. What can Dingo Lager drinkers expect in terms of taste/style from this fresh new brew?

This junior Dingo (cub) is welcomed to the pack and best described as a refreshingly simple beer that we can be proud to call WA’s own. It’s local, natural and authentic and just like Dingo Lager, it’s handcrafted from WA malt and barley. It’s a classic companion for all occasions!

What kind of malt, hops and yeast were used for Dingo Mid?

We sourced Joe White malted barley from WA, along with Aussie grown Pride of Ringwood, Cluster and Melba hops together with our proprietary brewery yeast to bring Dingo Mid to life.

Many people might not know Dingo has been working with Whitelakes Brewing behind the scenes. How did this joint venture come to be?

It’s fair to say that without the Dingo, none of this would be possible. But we’ve also got another legend to thank. Having a 5-star brewery driving this ship has turned Dingo Lager into one crisp and refreshing reality, in the true spirit of collaboration and comradery. When Whitelakes asked us to collaborate on producing a WA beer, they jumped at the opportunity to bring a classic, all-weather beer back to the forefront, with a focus on West Australian ingredients. So an easy drinking lager was the natural choice! Partnering with Whitelakes Brewing allows us to deliver a beer that embodies everything our brand believes in when it comes to keeping things local, while setting the bar high on quality.

The Dingo stamp is pretty iconic here in WA, with the flour mill being a symbol of Fremantle. Can you tell us a bit about how you claimed the logo for Dingo Brewing Co?

The branding was inspired by the iconic Dingo Flour sign, which was painted on the Great Southern Roller Flour Mills Limited site in North Fremantle in 1940 and is now heritage-listed.

Founder Mathew Walker was originally involved in wheat farming at Great Southern Flour Mills and the Stone Axe Pastoral company, which produces Wagyu beef. He teamed up with farmers Spinner Brennan and Mike Shields but really, it was his background which sparked the idea for the brand.

The Dingo sign is such a WA icon that we believed it suited a product that is loved just as much by West Australians. We applied for the Dingo Flour logo trademark in 2015 after previous owner Allied Pinnacle had ceased its use. Mathew Walker was then granted the trademark in 2019 to produce beer.

What are some of the most notable stories or myths of the Dingo flour mill stamp that you’ve heard of?

We’ve all heard different takes on how the iconic Dingo sign on the North Fremantle flour mill came to be, with stories being passed down generations. The original Dingo logo is widely reported to have been painted by artist Les Nash for the cost of £40 in 1940, but some folks say West Aussie businessman Alan Bond brushed up the sign in his early days. We’ll leave the origins up to you to decide over a pint of Dingo at the pub! For us, our purpose is all about honouring the myth and building on the legend of the Dingo, while giving people a taste of what it means to be WA.

Beyond its origins, how do you think the Dingo stamp represents WA and in-turn, Dingo Brewing Co?

The Dingo has stood as a landmark on our pristine coastline for decades, offering visitors from far and wide a glimpse of what it means to call WA home. Now, we’ve proudly put our iconic stamp on beer. Fiercely independent with a healthy irreverence for authority, Dingo Lager is proudly Western Australia’s own.

Brought to you by a group of WA farmers and a talented brewer with a shared belief in uncomplicated quality and supporting local.

We know the Dingo means a lot to our locals, because it defines a sense of place we can all relate to. Our philosophy for Dingo Brewing is no different and we’re proudly WA.

Where and when can people get their hands on Dingo Mid?

Dingo Mid is now available at select Liquor Barons stores.


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