March 15, 2023

Don Julio | Luxury Premium Tequila

Don Julio | Luxury Premium Tequila Subheading

Great margaritas rely on even greater ingredients, from high-quality tequila, to fresh lime and premium agave syrup. This is a rule that Don Julio applies to their own tequila production, having full oversight of everything from blue weber agave planting, right down to the bottling process.

Created in 1942 Atotonilco, Mexico by Don Julio Gonzales himself, Don Julio Tequila is known as the world’s first luxury tequila and the best selling high-quality tequila in Mexico, with 45 years of craftsmanship to show for it.

Don Julio is both the man and the spirit responsible for many innovations within the tequila industry, establishing tequila as a spirit exclusive to Mexico that can be enjoyed all over the world.

Read on as we talk tequila with the team behind Don Julio and dish out the details on this top-quality spirit, that sets the bar high in the sky for luxury tequila production.



Q&A with Don Julio

Tell us a bit about Don Julio’s fruition. How was this tequila first born into the world?

Don Julio Gonzales was left as the sole breadwinner for his family as a teenager when his life took a turn, and began his journey in Tequila production as a way of supporting his family. He saw immediately the innate connection between agriculture and quality Tequila, and in 1942 with a loan from a local businessman, he acquired the La Primavera Distillery in Atotonilco, planting his very first Blue Weber Agave plant that same year.

Don Julio’s devotion to craft and his reputation as a leader in the local distilling industry led him to release his eponymous brand, Don Julio Tequila, in 1987. This was the world’s first luxury tequila, and a true celebration of his 45 year dedication to his craft. First launching with Don Julio Reposado, the popularity of this brand in Mexico led him to launch one of the world’s first Anejo Tequilas in 1992 to celebrate his 50 year anniversary of being in the industry, followed by Don Julio Blanco in 1995.


How did it evolve over time, to establish itself as such a reputable and well-known tequila brand today?

It’s Don Julio’s dedication to craft, to the land and to the people around him that has seen this Tequila go from strength to strength. Don Julio remains one of the most popular luxury tequilas and still the most popular in Mexico. That’s the kind of quality assurance that tells you the spirit is the best of the best.

Don Julio, both the man and the spirit, was responsible for innumerable innovations within the industry itself. He played a pivotal role in legitimising the spirit on a global scale by leading the charge for a Denomination of Origin; a similar set of rules to what is in place in Cognac and Champagne which helped to introduce this incredible spirit to the world.


Tell us a bit about the round bottle ideation and why it was chosen, versus the usual tall glass bottle?

One of Don Julio’s guiding principles is a devotion to his people. Tequila was something to be put in the middle of the table whilst enjoying dinner with friends, but the traditional tall glass bottles meant that he couldn’t see who he was talking to! He redesigned the bottle to its current short, round shape, to help build connections and enjoy time with the people he loved most.


What makes this tequila different from other high-quality tequilas out there on the market?

At Don Julio, we have oversight on the entire process, from planting the blue weber agave, all the way through to how each bottle is filled. We have innovated over the years to ensure Don Julio Tequila is the best in the world, with each bottle rinsed with Don Julio Tequila instead of water before it is filled in our bottling facility, that operates in a negative airflow environment to eliminate the chance of a single speck of dust making it inside! It’s this attention to detail and quality that puts Don Julio Tequila at the top of the market. It’s the best selling luxury Tequila in Mexico, which is a pretty good endorsement!


Tell us a bit about the flavours and aromas of Don Julio and why these are so special or unique in producing a delicious tasting tequila?

The story goes that the Goddess of Abundance sent a lightning strike down from the sky, splitting an agave plant and releasing the sweet agave nectar from the inside. In a similar way, Don Julio arrives with an electric, Szechuan peppercorn spice on the palate, before wafts of tropical fruit and sweet agave dominate the palate. Its complexity is evident across both its aroma and palate, with spice ceding to pineapple and grapefruit across both.


What kinds of cocktails, beverages or dishes are complemented by Don Julio?

Don Julio Blanco is the ultimate Margarita tequila. A powerful drink needs to find its equal, and Don Julio Blanco absolutely meets the mark. My favourite way to use Don Julio Reposado is in a Paloma, but it’s equally good in substituting in any whisky cocktail. Next time you make an Old Fashioned, try it with Don Julio Reposado! It will change your life.


How would you justify the price per bottle of Don Julio, for those who aren’t used to spending much money on spirits?

At Don Julio, each one of our agave plants takes up to 6 years to grow with an incredibly small window to harvest, all of which is done by hand. Each agave is cut, cooked and processed by hand; the ultimate dedication to craftsmanship. Tequila is an incredibly laborious spirit to produce with a high margin for error, and quality tequila is even harder.

This alone justifies the price in my mind. Just like food, better ingredients equal a better drink. Great margaritas need quality ingredients; excellent tequila, fresh lime and great agave syrup.


Where can people get their hands on a bottle of Don Julio?

Don Julio Tequila is available in all Liquor Barons stores.


Get ready for your next cocktail party with a bottle of Don Julio, which you’ll find at all Liquor Barons stores across WA. 

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