April 15, 2024

Flavour led, nostalgia driven

Flavour led, nostalgia driven Subheading


Let your tastebuds take you on a trip down memory lane. They tingle, they tangle, and they are becoming Aussie’s go-to premix drink – conveniently pre-made in a can! The Billson’s crew are notorious for taking memorable flavours and putting a spin on them, making them a delicious, refreshing and easy-to-grab drop. Is the latest flavour taking Oz by storm? Tangle Double Vodka 6%. A fruity blend of raspberry, orange and lemon, made with fresh Alpine spring water and finishes with a cheeky 6% ABV. We had the opportunity to chat with the innovative team behind it and find out what’s next for the all-Aussie brand…


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Q&A with Billson’s

Tell us how Billson’s came about! When and how did it start?

Founded in 1865, Billson’s is one of Australia’s oldest breweries. It is located in the historic ‘Gold Rush’ town of Beechworth, Victoria.

Nathan and Felicity, a young couple from Melbourne, fell in love with Beechworth’s charm and purchased the dishevelled brewery in 2017. Renovation efforts quickly commenced to restore the building to its former glory, and they set about increasing production and offerings. Six years and over 200 employees later, Billson’s Brewery is an unmissable hospitality destination and a thriving national and soon-to-be international beverage maker.

Our 159-year-old brewery is now home to our production factory, distillery, family-friendly restaurant, Speakeasy bar, retail shop, and cellar door/tasting room experience. A proudly Australian and local business, Billson’s is a big supporter of their hometown of Beechworth, with family and community at the heart of their mission.

What are your fave fun facts about Billson’s?

Billson’s is the longest continuously running brewery in Australia. Established in 1865, the Last St Brewery has created flavour sensations for nearly 160 years.

In 1876, the original owner, George Billson, travelled across the seas to have his well water tested at the World’s Fair in Philadelphia. The event included over 14,000 businesses from 37 countries, and nearly 10 million visitors attended. George Billson & Sons, Brewers, and Maltsters from Beechworth, Australia, sailed away with first prize for the purity of their spring water.

The very same pure Alpine spring water from our beautiful snowy surroundings, drawn from the same red brick well, is what we use in our products today. Protected beneath layers of Beechworth granite, Billson’s spring water maintains its historic and legendary purity to this day.

Almost 150 years after being crowned the best water in the world and 6 years after Nathan and Flic took over the business, that same water is now available straight from the source at the Brewery and is still used in many of our products.

How would you describe Billson’s as different to other drinks on the market?

Our beverages are flavour lead, nostalgia driven, and the consumer experience is one of the most important things we focus on. We believe that we haven’t yet created our best flavour. It’s a journey we hope to take together.

What was the inspiration behind your latest cult fave flavour, Tangle?

Working at our tasting bar in the early days, Nathan and the team endlessly experimented. Mixing existing cordial flavours and seeking inspiration from the world around them, they happened upon a combination that struck a chord. They shared this discovery with visitors, and the rest, as they say, is history.

How do you and the team get inspired?

Our team in the “Flavour Cave” believes that curiosity, open-mindedness, and a willingness to experiment are the keys to amazing flavours.

Can you tell us how you make your delicious drinks?

It all starts with our Spring water, sourced from the well located at our Brewery, blended with locally sourced ingredients to form perfectly balanced, flavourful, easy-drinking beverages.

How should Aussie’s serve their Billson’s Premixed drinks?

Billson’s products are best enjoyed over ice, in the company of great friends.

What are your most popular flavours?

Over the past year, WA’s favourites have been Tangle, Grape Burst, and Tropical. Our newest flavour, Pineberry Splash, has also been a hit!

What’s next for Billson’s? What are you looking forward to?

It’s our little secret… but we love being at the forefront of flavourful experiences and innovation. We look forward to discovering our next great flavour and bringing it to the world.

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