September 5, 2023

Freeze the day! Introducing Kirin Hyoketsu Lemon
Freeze the day! Introducing Kirin Hyoketsu Lemon

Freeze the day! Introducing Kirin Hyoketsu Lemon Subheading


Love at frost sight!

Let us paint a picture for you. It’s a beautiful summer day, and you’re relaxing with your friends. You feel like you want something fresh to drink but want something with lower sugar content than usual, and not too heavy. Kirin Hyoketsu has got you covered! Their newest addition to their premix family is here and we guarantee it’s going to be your new go to on a warm day.

Hyoten toketsu means freeze in English. In order to create a real fruit flavour, they have used technology to freeze squeezed juice at subzero temperatures (-18°C) to lock in the freshness & intensity of the fruit flavour. Their goal was to create a zesty, natural tasting refreshment that is only 116 calories, lower in sugar (0.3g sugar), higher in strength all without compromising on taste.

See what the Kirin team had to say about our newest summer go to…



Q&A with the Kirin team

Tell us about Kirin Hyoketsu.

The wait is finally over as Kirin, the Japanese pioneer of canned vodka pre-mixed drinks, finally drops the highly anticipated Kirin Hyoketsu in Australia. Renowned as the #1 pre-mix drinks brand in Japan*, Kirin Hyoketsu is inviting Aussies to experience the flavour of Tokyo as it launches its signature Lemon flavour.

Whether planning a karaoke night or hitting up a house party with mates, an ice-cold can of Kirin Hyoketsu is the perfect companion for epic gatherings and moments of celebration with its refreshing lemon flavour.

Why is this premix different to the other premixes on the market?

Unlike some other premixes on the market, Hyoketsu delivers it all without compromising on taste to meet the needs of our audience. We wanted something easy drinking, refreshing but with less sweetness, less calories and less artificiality.

How is the real fruit flavour created?

Crafted with a true appreciation of the art of the Japanese lemon sour, Kirin Hyoketsu’s distinctive Lemon juice is meticulously created using the innovative Hyoten Toketsu method. The signature technique freezes the lemon juice to deliver a perfect blend of sweet and sour lemon notes with a clean, crisp flavour without any lingering aftertaste. Hyoketsu doesn’t use Shochu to form the alcohol base of the product – it’s vodka, soda & frozen natural lemon juice.

Tell us more about the low carb, low calories in this drink?

With a balanced 6% alcohol content, less than 0.3g of sugar, and only 116 calories, Kirin Hyoketsu offers refreshment without compromise for unforgettable moments and adventures.

How should we be serving our Kirin Hyoketsu?

Best served straight out of the can, OR, in a highball glass with ice & a fresh slice of lemon.

How long has this drink been available in Japan?

Since launching in 2001, Kirin Hyoketsu has experienced large success in Japan to assist in the revitalisation of the canned chuhai category. Kirin Hyoketsu is so popular in fact, it is #1 pre-mix drinks brand in Japan* (IWSR Data, 2022).

What other countries is Kirin Hyoketsu available in?

Australia is the very first country outside of Japan to receive the popular Kirin Hyoketsu!

Where can people get their hands on Kirin Hyoketsu?

Kirin Hyoketsu can be found on your local Liquor Barons shelves. So freeze the day! Find your local HERE.


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