October 17, 2023

Good beer without the guilt – Rider Lite

Good beer without the guilt – Rider Lite Subheading

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Introducing the newest brew on the beer scene, Rider Lite! The beer without burden and just what you’ll be reaching for as we prepare for an exceedingly hot summer. A refreshing and modern take on the classics, Rider Lite is low bitterness, low carb, full strength and something everyone can enjoy. We had a chance to sit down with the Rider Lite team to talk about their market changing and innovative new brew…


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Q&A with Rider Lite

Tell us a bit about what Rider Lite is all about! 

Beer for right here, right now! Best enjoyed wherever you are, Rider is full strength, easy drinking beer that offers a new take on Aussie lager. Rider goes low on bitterness and is refreshingly crisp. No carbs and low cals, ’cause who wants to feel weighed down? Not us either!

Aussie Made, Owned and Proudly Independent. Ride on!

Where did the idea for Rider Lite come from?

We commenced our NPD journey with the goal of creating a beer brand that was relevant within the current Aussie beer market context (great value), aligned to consumer trends (easy drinking + better for me), that was future fit (targeting 21-29 year olds) and delivered against key retailer priorities (how are Gen Z’s engaging with beer?).

Rider is a new brand that has Gen Z and young millennials at the heart of it. Formulated, designed and positioned to address category and consumer barriers, it’s unique point of difference, brand positioning and tone of voice ensures we speak to these consumers in a real way. Rider offers something new to the beer category, giving next gen drinkers a beer just for them. Its also not as ‘beery’ as traditional beer but is still a full strength, easy drinking beer.

How is this brew different from other beers?

Rider Lite is a contemporary beer, offering a new take on Aussie Lager. It taps into the category insights for what our core demographic told us was missing for them and caters to everyone. It’s lite on carbs, calories and bitterness. 

Tell us about the brewing process.

Rider Lite is all about an easy-drinking refreshment. Carefully brewed to keep it carb free, low in calories and ultra-low bitterness, refreshment for a super-smooth, thirst-quenching finish. 

What kind of person/ lifestyle do you think would love sipping on a lighter, low carb beer like Rider Lite?

Rider is easy, real, fun and all about getting out there to enjoy every moment (especially the random unexpected ones with your mates). Rider is a solution created for the Gen Z and young millennials who told us what was missing in the category for them. It speaks directly to the functional benefits and is low in bitterness for easy drinking. Rider leans into music as the key passion point of the core target market. 

It suits current beer drinkers, new non-beer drinkers entering the category and also those who have exited due to some of the barriers. At the end of the day, Rider Lite is a cracking ‘better for you’ beer, so we invite everyone to get around it!

Why make a beer that is so different to others currently on the shelf? 

Rider Lite offers a new take on Aussie lager. Taking into consideration lots of research on our core target audiences preferences, it offers a solution to the key barriers for beer drinkers (such as bitterness, bloat, heaviness, brand relevance, hypermasculinity and so on). Rider Lite sits within the contemporary beer category and ‘better for you’ space. 

What flavours were you trying to bring out in this beer?

Rider Lite is a full strength, easy drinking beer that caters to a large audience of beer drinkers. With a clean, refreshing taste, Rider goes low on bitterness, carbs and cals. It’s super crisp and easy-drinking with no strong flavour cues like you get in more crafty beers. 

What’s unique about the Rider Lite packaging?

Continuing the innovation into the label, our new Rider Lite labels incorporate thermochromic ink in the logo which makes them temperature sensitive. When the beer is warm, the logo appears white. As the beer cools down, the icon turns purple. Purple logo = ready to drink. As the beer is consumed and natural heat of the body warms up the bottle again, the label becomes interactable with transitions from purple to white as your finger moves over it. 

Why do you think someone would choose Rider Lite, instead of seltzers or spirits and other low calorie premix options?

Rider Lite addresses many of the barriers that younger consumers have towards the beer category. It’s easy drinking and accessible to a range of consumers. We’ve dialed up the refreshment in Rider Lite and dialed back the carbs and cals. It’s a better for you option that doesn’t miss on flavour. Rider Lite appeals to the younger generation in it’s marketing and branding, being relevant to them. It’s not your dad or grandpa’s beer.  

Where and when can people get their hands on Rider Lite?

Rider Lite is available at your local Barons now! Find your local HERE.


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