November 28, 2023

Great Northern Ginger Beer – Anyfin for a sip!

Great Northern Ginger Beer – Anyfin for a sip! Subheading

Spicing things up for summer! Great Northern has released a delicious alcoholic Ginger Beer to add to their range. With plenty of Ginger beer options on the shelves these days, Great Northern has concentrated on sourcing their ingredients locally and creating a bev that’s less sugary and more crisp and refreshing. Just what you’ll be reaching for on a hot and humid summer day in Oz.

Lovingly referred to as the Ginger Marlin, we sat down with the crew at Great Northern to find out more about this Ginger fish/beer that’s hit our shelves…


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Q&A with Great Northern

Tell us how GN Ginger Beer came about! What made Great Northern want to venture into Ginger Beer?

With huge growth in Ginger Beer especially in our heartland it made sense for Great Northern to launch a Ginger beer. In line with our DNA of creating beers for the endless summers of the Great North; we wanted to create a Ginger Beer specifically for these conditions too- that is why it is super crisp, and super refreshing tasting – not too sweet and not too gingery – you might say the most refreshing tasting Ginger Beer you could find and perfect for when you’re in the great outdoors with mates.

Tell us how it’s made.

Made with Queensland’s finest ginger (Cheers Buderim) we have produced a crisp and refreshing tasting Ginger Beer not to perfect for the endless summers of the Great North

Where does Great Northern source their ingredients from?

We choose to source as many ingredients as possible from local providers. Our ginger is from our mates in Buderim, Queensland.

What’s unique about Great Northern’s Ginger Beer over other ginger beer options currently out there?

What is unique is that it has a very crisp and refreshing taste. It’s not too sugary; not too gingery which makes it perfect for those Aussie summer days.

How should Aussie’s serve their GN Ginger Beer?

We think it’s best enjoyed served in a tall glass over ice with a wedge of lime at a time we like to call ‘Ginger Hour’ that time at the end of the day when the sun is setting creating a beautiful orange glow over our great country.

What’s next for Great Northern? What are you guys looking forward to?

As for what’s next, we can’t give too much away! But we are always focused on producing beverages for the far Northern Climate and its endless summers so watch this space. In the meantime, enjoy a Ginger Marlin!

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