Shop 1 / 2 Greenwood Village, Calectasia Street
Greenwood, WA, 6024


Phone: 08 9447 6413

Opening Hours

Monday - Wednesday  8.30am - 8.30pm
Thursday - Saturday  8.30am - 9.00pm
Sunday & Public holidays  10.00am - 6.30pm
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday



Store - Liquor Barons Greenwood

Liquor barons Greenwood has been operating for a good two decades and seen three generations under its roof.

It started out with Chris, his Mother Esta and step-father Peter. Chris would run the business, handling orders, customers and so forth. Peter would handle the books and Esta, god bless her, would cook lunch. Although Peter and Esta have retired  they occasionally pop round for a cup of coffee.

These days Chris’ wife Karen handles the books and two of his sons Adam and Ryan work in store. Their middle son Mathew, not to be counted out, works in the liquor industry for Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Owner - Chris Dzodzos