March 23, 2023

Hahn Ultra Low Carb

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Guilt-free beer is no easy feat in the brewing world, with taste often compromised in the process of creating something that’s a little lighter in calories or carbohydrates. Hahn Ultra was brewed with the everyday beer drinker in mind, made from simple ingredients with a prolonged brewing process, that removes as many carbs as possible.

The resulting beer is a low carb, low calorie lager with a perfect balance of flavour and an easy drinking crispness. Much like the rest of Hahn’s range, Hahn Ultra proves you can have it all, so we sat down with the Hahn team to find out how this beer was made possible from brewing technology to full-strength taste.


Q&A with Hahn Ultra Low Team


Tell us a bit about what Hahn Ultra low carb is all about! How is this fresh new brew different from the others in Hahn’s range of beers?

With 1g carbs and 87 calories per 330mL bottle serve, Hahn Ultra is our most impressive low carb beer to date. Made with simple ingredients that are brewed for longer than the rest of the Hahn range, it’s the perfect balance of flavour and easy drinking crispness. It’s ideal for those who want to enjoy the taste of beer, but don’t want to blow out on carbs and calories.


In terms of the brewing process, how did you manage to create an ultra-low carb beer that doesn’t compromise on taste?

Hahn Ultra low carb is brewed at the limits of current technology.  We have combined changes to the brewing process with novel ingredients and brewed for longer than the rest of the Hahn range, thus removing as many carbs as possible while still retaining the Hahn crisp taste.


In what ways is Hahn Ultra better for you, in comparison to other beers out there?

We are not aware of how other beer products are made or the basis of their claims, and for these reasons we can’t speak to their products. What we do know is that Hahn Ultra is brewed at the limits of current brewing technology, that enables us to remove as many carbs as we can whilst still retaining a refreshing lager beer taste.


What are some of the key ingredients in Hahn Ultra?

The Hahn Brewers select only the best quality ingredients to brew our beer. We select the finest hops, water, yeast, and malted barley to brew Hahn Ultra.


Is Hahn Ultra safe for coeliacs, or those with gluten free diets?

Hahn Ultra low carb is not for coeliacs, but we have rebranded our Gluten Free offering to Hahn SuperDry GF (Gluten Free) specifically for coeliacs or those with gluten free diets. Hahn SuperDry GF is endorsed by Coeliac Australia and was launched in December 2022.


What kind of person/ lifestyle do you think would love sipping on a lighter, low carb beer like Hahn Ultra?

There’s a new generation of progressive alcohol consumers that embrace life in its entirety. We call this new age of drinkers ‘social athletes’. They make mindful lifestyle choices and have a great time doing it.


Why do you think someone would choose Hahn Ultra, instead of seltzers or spirits and other low calorie premix options?

Sometimes you just feel like a beer. Hahn Ultra low carb is made for consumers looking for mindful choice benefits, but don’t want to compromise on the taste of their beer.


Where can people get their hands on Hahn Ultra Low Carb beer?

Hahn UItra low carb can be found at Liquor Barons stores, all across Western Australia. 


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