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Independent Spirits James and Justine are the hard-working husband and wife store owners behind Liquor Barons Morley, one of our 60 locally and independently owned stores across WA. They’ve been running the show since 2013, with a focus on stocking great Australian produce, from Independent craft breweries, boutique WA wines and absolutely everything in-between.

“I grew up in Margaret River and moved to Perth to study and it soon became evident that I liked drinking more than studying so I turned that passion into a profession! Here I am today, the proud owner of a liquor store alongside Justine. I’m happy to share my passion of liquor with each of you.”
– James.

Being locally owned and operated means James and Justine have gotten to know the locals, as well as their tastebuds, budgets and any special occasions they’ve got planned. They’ve even made some good mates along the way, because Liquor Barons store owners will often be the ones serving customers, too.



Q & A with James and Justine

What made you want to purchase a liquor store?

I have been working in bottle shops since my uni days (16 years ago!) and decided I liked bottle shops more than biotechnology so ended up buying one instead.

What does “local” mean to you?

Local is knowing the name of your customers, asking how the folks are, and being a part of and feeling a part of the local community.

What makes you both Independent Spirits?

We’re a local, family-owned business and represent the quintessential small business with a husband and wife running the store. Come down and say G’Day!

Why do you love WA, and what’s your favourite place?

The weather, beaches, and the loads of good people who you can share a BBQ with. Margaret River is definitely our favourite place to go, I grew up down there and Justine and I like to go down and visit friends and of course, drink wine!



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