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Johnny Ma is a creator, filmmaker and the founder of Johnny Ma Studios, one of Perth’s only film-focused studios that supports emerging filmmakers and people in creative industries. Johnny has facilitated over 150 local music videos and a handful of local films from his thriving Maylands studio. He also runs A0 Lets Go, a print and marketing business that contributes to the creative arts scene.

“I’m a businessman with a creative head and a fire in my heart. I love getting involved in the community and helping others achieve their dreams. Everything is right at our fingertips here in Western Australia and I really believe you can make anything happen if you put your mind to it.”
– Johnny Ma.

Although we’re running a business here at Liquor Barons, we love feeling like we’re part of a local community just as much as Johnny does; from helping you prepare for your special occasions, to hearing about them on your next visit.



Q & A with Johnny

Tell us five things about yourself.

1) I’m spatially intelligent.
2) very caring.
3) I’m hardworking.
4) I believe I’m bloody talented.
5) I’m a businessman with a creative head.

What makes you an Independent Spirit?

I have a fire in my heart. I love being involved in anything and just getting out there and helping others.

Why do you love Western Australia?

WA is a simple spot to live in; everything is at your fingertips if you want to make it happen. I was born and bred here, and my studio – Johnny Ma Studios – is my favourite place in Western Australia.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

A 100m bungee jump in South Africa in 2010.

What do you do in your downtime?

I play darts, poker, chess and any games that challenge my brain.



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