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Independent Spirit Stuart Carson (aka Mr WACX) brought Cyclocross to Western Australia in 2011. Cylcocross is an international sport that brings mountain biking to the inner-city race tracks. When Mr WACX brought the sport to WA, his main goal was to use cycling as a force for good, to bring the local community together and create a thriving camaraderie of lycra-loving volunteers. Today, Cyclocross is run by a community of volunteers, a dedicated bunch of people who all live for this unique, euro-centric style of cycling. Cylcocross involves racing tournaments, riding casually and holding events for all age groups.

“I’m here to help people and am always willing to give someone or something a go, and it’s a really positive community spirit and feeling. I’ve created a cycling community with a great bunch of people that have come along for the ride to volunteer with me.”
– Mr MACX.

Stu’s positive spirit is contagious and as a result, he’s created his own community of like-minded individuals. Here at Liquor Barons, being a co-op means we’re part of a like-minded community of our own, with your dollars going straight back into the WA community.



Q & A with Mr WACX

Who is Mr WACX?

I’ve just turned 50, I enjoy riding bikes, swimming in the ocean and being athletic. My favourite food is a jalapeno kebab from Oscars up the road. I’m married with 2 kids, a girl who’s 17 and a boy who’s 15. I live in Maylands but I used to be a Western suburbs boy.

What makes you an Independent Spirit?

I’m always willing to give someone or something a go. I’m here to help people and I’ve got a great bunch of people who volunteer with me. The real reason I’m an Independent Spirit is because I come from The West – West is best!

Above all I like having a laugh. I like telling a bad joke and laughing before the punchline.

Why do you love what you do?

I’ve created a community of people who are there to come along for the ride – pun intended. One of our volunteers just passed away halfway through the season, and it was hard to see the impact that had on us as a community, and how one person can be missed so much and how much we relied on them. Above all it’s a positive community spirit and feeling which is rare to find.


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