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Independent Spirit Shane Carter is a dreamer-turned-pioneer, founding clothing brand ‘Yeah Mate Apparel’ which was born to initiate conversations around mental health and show off the Australian larrikin culture and focus on locally sourced and manufactured apparel, while giving back to Koala Conservation Australia along the way.

“I’m not your everyday sit on the couch guy, I’m high frequency and I’m open to interpretation. I’m a big kid who brings humour and fun to a world of chaos. I’m also a type 1 diabetic.”
– Shane Carter.

As your neighborhood liquor store, here at Liquor Barons we value being able to get to know our customers. Whether you’re a regular, fresh face or just popping in to say g’day, we’re here to help and have a yarn, just like Shane is through Yeah Mate Apparel.



Q & A with Shane

What is “Yeah Mate”?

Yeah Mate is a project I’ve put together over the last couple of years, around reconnecting with mates in your community to ease the burden between the ears. The world in isolation messed with me quite a lot, I missed my mates. Solving the world’s problems and walking away refreshed.  

What makes you an Independent Spirit?

I’m open to interpretation and I enjoy every day. I can also handstand walk like a child – it’s my party trick. Between now and Christmas, I’ve got a challenge to walk a 20m path in my gym. I’ve done 10m so far.

What do you love most about Western Australia?

My favourite place in the world is Busselton. It’s my getaway from the big smoke. I work in an industrial field so I love enjoying the fresh air and hanging with my mates here in WA.

Where do you hope to see Yeah Mate going in 5 years?

Worldwide! Yeah Mate is going to tell the world about Australia and what we do. I work with small businesses right here in WA to manufacture our shirts, stubby holders, stickers and more. In 5 years? I want to deliver on the vison of my greatest mate Simon Loader RIP whom I started this great Yeah Mate Apparel brand adventure with.

Tell us five things about yourself.

1) I’m 47 years old/ young.
2) CrossFit for therapy.
3) Treasure mates like gold.
4) I love working with other local businesses to grow in strength together.
5) My mates reckon I’m a bloody great bloke!


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