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Pro bodyboarding champion Davis Blackwell (AKA Wingass) has taken the bodyboarding world by storm, taming some of the biggest waves in the world and living to tell the tale. From breaking his back, to competing in the Bodyboarding World Tour alongside some of the biggest international surfing legends, he’s paving the way for other young adrenaline-loving sports enthusiasts.

“I like to bodyboard, have fun and laugh. There’s no other place that makes me feel as good as being in the water does. Mandurah Wedge is my absolute favourite wave in the world, which is only part of the reason why WA truly has it all.”
– Wingass.

Just like Wingass, we’re big on work-life balance here at Liquor Barons which is why we’re a co-operative and not part of a national chain. It’s what makes us independent, keeps us different from other liquor stores and helps us meet your needs.



Q & A with Wingass

Where did your nickname come from? 

My nickname ‘Wingass’ came from being called a wing nut bolt when I was little, because I had to grow into my ears.

What makes you an Independent Spirit? 

My work-life balance is pretty good; I’m a bit of a free spirit and don’t take things too seriously – if there’s a wave, then I’m there.

What’s your favourite thing about West Aussie?

I love how WA has it all; the waves, the sun, the fresh air and the wide open spaces. My favourite thing about WA is the Mandurah Wedge, it’s the best wave in the world.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done? 

I surfed The Right located in the deep South of WA. It definitely got my heart pumping!

What’s your favourite time of year?   

Definitely Christmas! Everyone is happy; it’s a good time to be around family and friends, have a drink and have a laugh.




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