November 8, 2023

Lager than life…

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Balter is one of those beers that has become synonymous with summer, afternoons with mates and basically the quintessential Aussie day. The lads at Balter want to remind you that beer is more than just a drink, it’s something that draws mates together. Their passion for creating a sessionable brew that caters to a multitude of taste buds has culminated in their latest Lager, Balter Cerveza.

We sat down with the legends at Balter to see what’s coming next…


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Q&A with Balter Cerveza

Tell us what Balter Cerveza is all about! Where did the idea for Cerveza come from?

Scotty our Head Brewer spends a lot of time in the US, and Cerveza has been going through a bit of a style resurgence in the last couple of years, with some of the best breweries in the world making light, easy sessionable beers and showcasing them in their taprooms over the warmer months. After some deliberation, we tested it out here nearly 2 years ago and it was a best seller in our taproom, consistently going head to head with XPA, so we started to look at putting it into our core range, and here we are!

How is this brew different to Balter’s other beers?

This is a departure from our brews in style alone, we still use the highest quality ingredients and brew it with the same care as the rest of our brews.

Where does Balter source their ingredients from?

We source our ingredients from across Australia, the US and NZ depending on the brewing requirements that the brew team have for each recipe.

What kind of person/lifestyle do you think would love sipping on a Mexican-style Lager like Cerveza?

Cerveza is made for those warm days and long afternoons, whether you have just mowed the lawn, or you are flipping some snags on the BBQ, Balter Cerveza is perfect for the arvo occasion.

What flavours should we expect with this beer?

We have gone for the timeless, clean and crisp approach with Cerveza. There are no overpowering flavours like our craft portfolio, this has a slight cornflake-like smell to it, and if refreshment had a flavour, Balter Cerveza has it in spades.

What’s unique about Cerveza over other Lager options?

We haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel too much here. We have made a really good beer, using top-quality ingredients and the same passion that we pour into all of our classic Balter brews.

What’s next for Balter? What are you guys looking forward to?

We are looking forward to introducing a whole new style of drinker to the Balter portfolio, and Cerveza gives us that opportunity. We can appeal to people who have never tried our beers before, and maybe a few of them are tempted to reach for an XPA or an Eazy Hazy. Our motto has always been that “good beer is for everyone”, and Cerveza allows us to keep pushing to be a great beer brand, not just a craft brewery.

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