November 18, 2022

Little Creatures Ezy Az

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Q&A with Little Creatures

Kick back, relax and take it easy with the latest addition to Little Creatures’ beer line-up, Ezy Az! Brewed exclusively for Liquor Barons stores just in time for summer, this special release Hazy is your new accomplice during any casual drinking session.

Just like a NEIPA, it’s bold and juicy with a velvety smooth body that’s surprisingly light on the palate. Chock full of Magnum, Amarillo, Citra and Sabro hops which bring out those citrus and tropical characters, its needless to say it goes down with ease!

We pulled up a seat in the Little Creatures brewhouse to find out more about this easy-drinking little number, from its juicy hop combo’s right down to its laid back personality…

1. How did the idea for Ezy Az Hazy come to life?

We often have our brewers creating new beers in our Sandpit at the Brewhouse and after this Ezy AZ received rave reviews from our customers, we decided to bring this back and launch it in pack. We are fortunate that we have been able to collaborate with Liquor Barons on this release and bring it to life!

2. How has this beer evolved from your previous two releases, Anna Pavlovah and Loud Mouth?

Little Creatures work with Liquor Barons on coming up with beers that satisfy the cravings of craft beer enthusiasts. Whether It’s the Anna Pavlova Golden Ale, the Loud Mouth Juicy Lager or the Ezy AZ Hazy, we look to provide delicious brews for our Creatures.

3. Hazy Pale’s are all the rage right now. How does Ezy Az stand out from the crowd?

Consumers are after beers that are bold, juicy and hazy without the overpowering alcohol of ‘traditional’ NEIPA’s. Our Ezy AZ stands out from the rest because it’s a sessionable, easy drinking, juicy and fruity beer. This beer is perfect for those times you just want to sit back without a worry in the world. Ezy AZ!

4. What kinds of flavours and aromas were imparted from the American hops used?

We used Amarillo, Citra and Sabro American hops in this brew and they are all quite distinctive in their own right. Citra hops as the name suggests gives off a strong citrus aroma with grapefruit, lime and tropical fruits in flavour.

On the other hand, the Amarillo hops give off sweet orange citrus and floral notes whilst the Sabro hops delivers tangerine, coconut, stone and tropical fruit notes with slight cream cedar and mint characters. Together these American hops deliver a juicy orange citrus and tropical fruit flavour with mango, subtle pine and tangerine notes in the Ezy AZ Hazy.

5. What does it mean to you to collaborate with Liquor Barons on this release?

Into our third year of collaborating with Liquor Barons, this partnership is going from strength to strength. We love producing new and interesting beers and we are always eager to work with Liquor Barons on coming up with new and interesting flavours that consumers want to see in their craft beers.

6. What kinds of foods do you think would pair well with Ezy Az?

Pizzas, burgers and fried chicken!

7. If this beer could be a person, what kind of person would they be?

Easy going, laid back, not a problem in the world. A good mate you want to be around!

8. When can WA punters get their hands on Ezy Az, and when?

At your local Liquor Barons store – right now!

Ezy Az is now available only at Liquor Barons stores, so get down and give it a whirl before it’s all gone!

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