Wise and all-seeing, the powerful owl is native to Matilda Bay's new home and characterises the wisdom that comes with 40 years of brewing history. Under the watchful gaze of Australian craft beer pioneer Phil Sexton, Matilda Bay Brewery is back brewing beautiful, award-winning beer.

After more than a year and 27 different brew iterations, Owl Original Ale emerged triumphant from the Yarra tanks. An inventive and refreshingly creative beer that masterfully struts the tightrope between an Australian Pale and European Golden Ale; beautifully balanced with a deliciously long finish.

“These are the beers that I would have brewed then, if I knew what I know now” - Phil Sexton, Founder & CEO, Matilda Bay Brewing Co.

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Tasting Notes

The aroma is rich with biscuit and roasted malts, complemented by subtle hints of fresh stone fruits and fragrant hop spices. Smooth and creamy on the palate, with its satisfying maltiness bolstered by moreish hints of caramel and toffee, before resolving into a slightly tart bitterness and lingering finish.

Our Story

Matilda Bay Brewery kick-started the Australian craft beer revolution in 1983, with Phil and a couple of mates cobbling together all their savings, brewing the beers they wanted to drink, and building the pubs they wanted to drink them in.

Fast forward to today, Matilda Bay are back to brew naturally great quality beer. We're remastering some of our greatest hits - beer brewed to stand the test of time - and creating some new ones too. Finally, a sequel that lives up to the original.

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